About Us

March for Community

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Resource Center provides students, faculty, and staff with education, programming, support services, and advocacy on campus-regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Our campus celebrations and activities include Pride Month, Coming Out Month, and Gender Liberation Week just to name a few.  The annual Lavender Graduation ceremony is a special time when we come together and celebrate our graduating seniors, their achievements, and contributions at the end of each year. 

We also host guest speakers and presentations.  Topics of discussion include intersections with the LGBTQ identity surrounding spirituality, politics, health, and many others. 

The Center is a great place to hang out, study, and get to know other students.  The comfy couches, free coffee and snacks, an extensive DVD collection, and a multimedia library.  The Center is a welcoming and open space for all students, and the friendly staff are always around to answer questions and talk.

LGBTQ Resource Center Mission

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Resource Center provides education, programming, support services, and voice to Georgetown students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We are committed to understanding sexual orientation and gender identity in the context of and as it intersects with race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, ability, socio-economic status, and culture. The Center works toward a holistic understanding of LGBTQ communities; it takes leadership in providing and supporting a broad array of services, programs and resources to the campus community. Inspired by the Catholic and Jesuit principles of respect for the dignity of all, cura personalis, equality, and education of the whole person, the Center seeks to establish a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQ community members and promote better understanding and integration with the entire campus community.

Our Jesuit Values

We envision the work of the Center in the context of our understanding of Jesuit values and principles, and believe that the Center’s work is most understood in the context of the best and the highest ideals of such principles particularly in institutions of higher education and learning. Guided by the University’s Jesuit values of cura personalis, Academic Excellence, Educating the Whole Person, Faith & Justice, Women and Men for Others, Interreligious Understanding, and Community in Diversity we work towards creating a space and community where all are welcome, celebrated, and given opportunities for full actualization of their potential.

We understand that “passion” without “compassion” is misplaced, and “compassion” without “passion” is mere pity. We seek to appreciate the inherent mysteries and paradox of our common human condition, and find ways to support all community members to achieve a full range of expression of their own humanity.

We offer below some sharings from our Jesuit leaders as we shape the work of the Center, and with the understanding that the conversation at the intersection of LGBT/Faith is one of the most important, crucial, and thoughtful we can undertake.

A Letter from Campus Ministry

As the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, Georgetown has a long tradition of nurturing the intellectual and spiritual life of students. In the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, we are committed to caring for the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Along with faculty and other colleagues at the University, we strive to help our students integrate learning, faith, and service so that they become the persons God calls them to be. Respect and reverence for the dignity and worth of each person are at the very core of Georgetown’s identity as a Catholic and Jesuit university. 

From its beginning over two centuries ago, Georgetown has welcomed students of diverse faith traditions. Campus Ministry supports Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Orthodox Christian chaplaincies. In residence halls, worship spaces, classrooms, and Campus Ministry offices, we create safe, welcoming environments where people can bring questions and even struggles about faith and meaning. In such encounters, we treat all persons with compassion and sensitivity.

Campus Ministry is pleased to collaborate with the LGBTQ Resource Center to learn from and support Georgetown’s LGBTQ community. The Center helps us understand the issues, struggles, concerns, and hopes of the LGBTQ community so that we can better minister to those seeking our care. We join the Center in caring for students in times of need and in exploring faith in light of sexual orientation. In meaningful dialog, we both listen to the experience of each person and share the wisdom of our religious traditions. We provide opportunities for members of the University community to reflect theologically on sexuality and other life issues. As students form their consciences and discern important decisions, we accompany them as faithful mentors and teachers.

In so doing, we help each person grow in faith, hope, and love, which ultimately defines who we are as a Jesuit and Catholic university.

Rev. Kevin O’Brien, S.J.
Executive Director of Campus Ministry
Georgetown University