Out for Change

Out for Change Campaign

In the Fall of 2007, students at Georgetown organized a campaign, Out for Change, in the context of a hate crime on campus that galvanized the conscience of the entire community to take responsibility for all of its members. This led to the now-historic moment when President Jack DeGioia held a town hall meeting to address student concerns on Oct 24, 2007. You may read the full remarks here: Remarks at Open Meeting on LGBTQ Student Resources.

He also announced the formation of three Working Groups (On Education, Resources, and Reporting) composed of students, faculty, staff, and members of Campus Ministry to undertake the task of examining LGBTQ issues on campus. The LGBTQ Initiative recommended the establishment of the Center and the hiring of a Director and Program Coordinator.

The Working Groups created a synergy among various constituencies, and have subsequently served as a positive model for how we can work together to create change and enhance inclusion on campus. 

In honor of the 10 year anniversary of the Out for Change Campaign, the LGBTQ Resource Center hosted a celebration in the Fall 2017. Learn more about the Townhall Revisited

Working Group Reports

To evaluate existing mechanisms and develop a plan to strengthen the process for notifying members of the university community when acts of intolerance, hate or bias are reported and develop a clear statement of when, how and why the University makes public notifications and who makes these decisions.


  • Tommaso Astarita, Professor of History
  • Dennis Williams, Director, Center for Multicultural Equity Access, Assoc. Dean of Students
  • Julie Green Bataille, Assistant Vice President of Communications
  • Lauralyn Beattie, Associate Counsel, Office of University Counsel
  • Arthur Colker, SFS ’11
  • Wayne Davis, Faculty Senate President, Professor and Chair of Philosophy Department
  • Rocky DelMonaco, Vice President of University Safety
  • Andres Fuentes, MSB ’09
  • Lillian Green, COL ’10
  • Peter Luger, Director of University Safety Operations
  • Ben McAfee, SFS ’11
  • Chris Steck, SJ, Associate Professor of Theology

To evaluate and determine the range of student needs that should be addressed and the level of appropriate support, including the possibility of a full time LGBTQ resource coordinator and an LGBTQ resource center, for coordinating these issues in a manner consistent with Georgetown’s Catholic and Jesuit identity; and that attention be given to students who have not come out or are questioning their sexual identity.


  • Todd Olson, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Ricardo Ortiz, Associate Professor of English
  • Matt Appenfeller, COL ’08, GU Student Association Vice President
  • Phil Boroughs, SJ, Vice President of Mission and Ministry
  • Melissa Bradley-Burns, MSB ’89
  • Sandra Calvert, Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department
  • Scott Chessare, SFS ’10
  • Olivia Chitayat, COL ’10
  • Charles DeSantis, Associate Vice President for Benefits
  • Howard Gray, SJ, Special Assistant to the President
  • Ellen Henderson, Professor of Biology
  • Carlos Palacios, COL ’09
  • Shamisa Zvoma, MSB ’08

To evaluate the use of educational programs to promote inclusion of, and respect for, the LGBTQ community and develop ideas that complement and reinforce Georgetown’s academic mission and desire to sustain many forms of diversity.


  • Marjory Blumenthal, Associate Provost
  • Bill McCoy, Associate Director of Student Programs and LGBTQ Community Resources
  • Adam Briscoe, SFS ’09
  • Lorenzo Caltagirone, Area Coordinator for Village A Apartments, Office of Residence Life
  • Timothy Godfrey, SJ, Executive Director of Campus Ministry
  • Jose Luis Guerrero, Associate Professor, McDonough School of Business
  • Molly Keogh, SFS ’08
  • Carlos León Ojeda, COL ’10
  • Kathleen Maas Weigert, Exec. Director, Center for Social Justice, Research, Teaching & Service
  • Kevin Mallinson, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Health Studies Jen Nguyen, COL ’09
  • Jason Resendez, COL ’08
  • Julia Reticker Flynn, SFS ’08
  • Patricia Thomas, Senior Associate Athletic Director