IGNITE Peer Education Groups

Come Join the Conversation

Peer-led discussion groups offer a brave space for students to share experiences and explore their own understandings of gender and sexuality. The Center provides training and support to five pairs of facilitators that lead weekly discussion groups for a range of identities and experiences. These groups include:

EmbrACE, a space for students who identify as asexual or ace-spectrum; Queer Women’s Collective (QWC), for LGBTQ+ female-identified or non-binary students; Umbrella, for trans and questioning Hoyas, as well as those directly affected by trans issues, such as close friends, family, and significant others; Getting Bi, for pansexual, bisexual, and all other “polysexual” identities; TimeOUT, a group for LGBTQ identifying student athletes. Discussion topics include the intersection of race and gender, current events, what it means to identify as female, and other relevant topics. 

Getting-Bi is a discussion space for Hoyas who identify as bisexual, pansexual, any other polysexual identity, or are questioning.  Discussion topics have included bisexual portrayal in media, everyday experiences at Georgetown, dating, and bisexual identity erasure within the LGBTQ community. Getting-Bi members have been a tight-knit group in the past, and there are always snacks at every meeting!  

For more information, please email gettingbi@georgetown.edu.

EmbrACE seeks to expand our understanding of sexuality and asexuality. As our notions and experiences around sexuality continue to grow and expand we invite a broader understanding of how we experience our own sexuality. To that end, there are many students at Georgetown who experience some variation of sexual/affectional attraction and do not feel that they fit into a gay/bi/lesbian/pan conversation OR a conversation about asexuality as it has traditionally been understood. In keeping with the name EmbrACE we create a culture within the group in which questioning students are able to navigate and explore their deeper selves without feeling pressured to identify as ace or on the spectrum or LGBQ in order to participate.

For more information, please email embrace@georgetown.edu.

The Umbrella Gender Discussion Group is a support and discussion group for trans and questioning Hoyas, as well as those directly affected by trans issues, such as close friends, family, and significant others of trans individuals. Umbrella is a safe, confidential space in which to explore gender identity.

For more information, please email umbrella@georgetown.edu.

The Queer Women’s Collective (QWC) is a casual discussion and social group open to all LGBTQ+ women and woman aligned students on campus. We meet weekly to discuss race, gender, queerness, womanhood, and how the intersecting identities we hold affect us in our day-to-day lives.

For more information, please email qwc@georgetown.edu.  

TimeOUT is a  discussion group for Student Athletes who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Questioning to come together and take time out from their busy schedules. The group is informal and student-led with the focus being our experiences as LGBT and Questioning Student Athletes at Georgetown University. This group will respect the privacy and confidentiality of all its members. 

For more information, please email timeout@georgetown.edu.